Sunday, July 11, 2010

XXL, eggs that is!

I'm at Whole Foods at Columbus Circle today and I find these there, in the produce section next to a variety of mushrooms, eggplants, and summer squashes.  I've never actually seen an Emu or Ostrich egg up close and personal like this, but let me just tell you they were a little scary!!  I actually couldn't bring myself to even touch them.  I know that's kind of cowardly of me but still they freaked me out, so instead I took a photo for you all!  The Emu eggs were the scariest looking.  They had like a scaly shell with tiny raised darker spots over the overall avocado green shell.

They are pretty pricey too!  I did a little research online and found out that an Emu egg is probably around the same weight of about 10 extra large chicken eggs.  You can get a dozen organic eggs for around 3-4 dollars, no need to pay $29.99 for one Emu egg that apparently has a pretty bland taste.  From what I've heard Ostrich eggs taste pretty much similarly to chicken eggs.  I think one Ostrich egg is equal to about 24 chicken eggs.  I'd rather just buy 2 dozen eggs rather than spending $39.99!

What are you thoughts?  Ever eaten either of these eggs?  Would you?  Leave me a comment and share your thoughts!


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