Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trim Down Tuesdays: Run for Israel Q+A

Even though it's going to probably rain all week, the weekend is supposed to be nice and sunny.  May is coming to an end in about two weeks and hopefully that will mean the end of this gross weather we've been having.  Nice weather means more people are out and about in NYC. Whether it's people watching, brunching, walking around, or working out outdoors, there's always something going on on a nice warm sunny day here!  

On Sunday June 5th there will be the 1st Annual RUN for Israel in Central Park. The 4 mile race begins at 8am-11am followed by the 63rd Israeli Day Parade. It will be a day of fun and what's better than starting the day by running for a great cause? This week Karen Moreno, Feed Your Sister's in-house nutritionist answers some questions that many people always ask when signing up for a race, a marathon, or just a run. Read on to hear what Karen has to say…
What are the best foods to eat before and after a workout or a run? When starting an exercise regimen, it is important to understand how to fuel up before and after your workouts. You don’t want to eat too much food before exercising, because that may cause you to become nauseous or crampy.  You want your snack to digest quickly and you want it to supply a sufficient amount of energy — and that is exactly what complex carbohydrates do.  If you are working out early morning, try having a small snack an hour or two before your workout.  If you are working out after lunch, make sure to wait 3-4 hours after eating a solid meal. 

Some tasty and healthy snack ideas include:
·      half a high-fiber English muffin with a tbsp of peanut butter (my new favorite is Smuckers all natural peanut butter)
·      ½ a whole wheat turkey sandwich
·      1 oz. pistachios and a pear
·      Gnu flavor and fiber bar
·      an apple or banana
·      1 cup non-fat yogurt with ½ cup high-fiber cereal

If you are not careful after your workout, you could end up eating more than you burned at the gym — so why bother working out in the first place? After a workout, and before grabbing something to eat, try drinking some water. The symptoms of dehydration are similar to hunger: feeling tired, weak and shaky.

Another benefit of drinking after a workout is that you replenish fluids that were lost through sweating. When it comes to a post-workout snack, aim for a combination of protein and complex carbohydrates.  Protein is essential for repairing and building muscle, and the complex carbs will help replenish your energy stores. 

Great choices would be:
·      apple with string cheese
·       slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter
·       ½ cup cottage cheese with 1 cup berries
·      1 cup baby carrots with ¼ cup hummus
·      Starkist Lunch To-Go tuna kits (omit the crackers) and 4 whole grain high-fiber crackers
All of which contain less than 200 calories.
I hope this helps and please email or comment below if you have any other nutrition related questions or questions on how to prepare for the race…See you all in the Park!

-Karen Moreno, RD, CDN


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