Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm new to this blogging stuff

As many of us food bloggers, we love too cook and have a passion for all things food. I started this blog because I enjoy cooking and feeding the ones I love. Living alone on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is sometimes lonely and to fill the time, when I'm not at work, I cook. I'll wake up at 9am on a Saturday or Sunday and just cook for hours. Cooking soothes my soul. Cooking clears my head from my everyday life. Instead of going to work out like most do, I cook. I find that when I cook it's only fitting to invite people over for some good finger licking grub. It seems as though I am always inviting friends over to eat. Whether it's inviting friends over for a last minute brunch or bringing in what I've made for my co-workers at the school where I teach, it's something I enjoy! Some may say I am a food pusher, very much like the the stereotypical Jewish mother/grandmother type. The thing's true! I enjoy watching people eat my food, it makes me feel great! I think the people that suffer from this the most if my family. I'm always making them try the things I make or talking about them to the point where one of my brothers wants to strangle me. It's quite amusing actually. Anyways, now that you have learned a bit about me I hope you'll find this blog entertaining, helpful, and most of all, fun to read! Please Enjoy and remember to always feed your sister (more about that later!)

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  1. Elia, what a great idea. I am so happy you are doing this!


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