Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blood Orange and Beet Salad

I whipped this salad up over the weekend.  I used what I had in the fridge and it was a total hit!  I think it would also be a great Valentine's Day salad, if you're trying to go for an all red meal.  It has beets, blood oranges, and tomatoes, all which are red!  Blood oranges are now in season, they are one of my favorite types of oranges!

Blood Orange and Beet Salad
(serves 4)

1 package baby arugula
3 ears of corn, shucked
1 container of grape tomatoes, halved
3 red beets, cooked and sliced
4 persian cucumbers or kirby, sliced
2 blood oranges, peeled and edge trimmed
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
salt and pepper, to taste

Place first 5 ingredients in a large salad bowl.  Right before you are ready to serve the salad, hold one blood orange over the bowl, and using a paring knife, cut along the membrane on both sides of each segment. Free the segments and let them fall into the bowl.  Allow the juices to drizzle over the salad, squeeze the membranes to extract the rest of the juice. Repeat with the second blood orange.  Add olive oil, the juice of 1 lemon, salt, and pepper.  Mix salad, serve, and enjoy!


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