Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Touchy Tags (Giveaway)

Happy first day of February!  I bring to you a post that has nothing to do with food, but I think you'll be happy that you are about to read this!  In the past week I think I heard or know more than a handful of people that have given birth to babies!  It's a really exciting time in a couple's life, not to mention all their parents who become grandparents!! Right?? I'm sure you know the parents I'm speaking of...

Well, anyway, a friend of mine from college started a business called, Touchy Tags.  Lauren, and her husband Eric had premature twins, almost two years ago and they wanted to create a nice way to ask people to keep their germs away from their babies.  And this is how Touchy Tags was born!    Click here to read the full story of Carson and Dean!

Touchy Tags help stop the spread of harmful germs to your little one, that lead to illness, the common cold, H1n1, and more. It can be uncomfortable to kindly ask someone to not touch your baby. Let Touchy Tags do the talking.
Thanks to Lauren and Touchy Tags, Feed Your Sister is giving away one of the gender neutral Touchy Tags, in green.  See photos above!! You can hang your Touchy Tag on your child's stroller, car seat, crib, or anywhere you can think of! You can also give it as a gift by attaching it to the actual gift or the gift bag,  see below!

In order to be one of the contenders for this giveaway you MUST MUST do the following:
1) Become a fan of Feed Your Sister by clicking "like" on this link: Feed Your Sister on Facebook!!
2) Also subscribe to the Feed Your Sister site via email, see top right hand corner! Be sure to confirm your subscription too!
3) Become a friend of Touchy Tags on FACEBOOK!!
4) Please share a baby story where either you or  a close friend or relative wished they had had a Touchy Tag to prevent their baby/babies from unwanted germs.

***If you'd like to share this giveaway post with a friend, click on the small picture of the envelope under this post and fill out the information requested.
This giveaway will end Friday, February 4th at 3pm.  Be sure to provide your email in the comment box along with your post so I can contact you if you are the winner!!

Good Luck! 


  1. I'm a follower :)

    I had a women who was about 100 years old, I'm not exaggerating either, touch Colton in the bathroom of a restaurant the other day. I didn't tell her to stop because she was 100 years old, but I secretly was wishng she would keep her hands to herself!

    I added Touchy Tags as a friend on FB!

  2. I also signed up for your emails! Maybe this will motivate me to cook more. xoxo


  3. Dorothy you win!!! Congrats!!


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