Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meatballs of all Varieties

The other night I went with a friend to the Lower East Side's newest hotspot, The Meatball Shop. What do you think they serve there??? You guessed it, meatballs, of all sorts. The menu is not super large but anyone can find something to eat there, even you vegetarians and pescetarians out there. There's the classic beef ball, pork balls, salmon balls, chicken balls, vegetarian balls, and today's special was something the bartender was coining "blue balls." Haha, basically it was a buffalo chicken meatball served with a blue cheese sauce. Of course, you all know that I don't eat blue cheese, so I had my friend order the blue ball slider with the sauce on the side. (See the photo below, sorry about the poor quality.)
The buffalo chicken slider was pretty good, not enough spice for me though. I ordered was the classic beef meatballs, it comes with 4 balls, ontop of rigatoni with a classic tomato sauce. You have a choice of sauce, classic tomato, mushroom sauce, parmesan cream sauce, or spicy meat sauce. I also ordered a side salad of arugula and apple slices mixed with the most delicious yet light dressing. I think I heard the bartender say it was a mustard vinaigrette of some sort. Whatever it was I could have continued to eat a few more bowls of it.
The prices are very reasonable too, which is always nice in these recession times. WE had a small carafe of wine that was $17. The meatball sliders were each $3. You can look at the menu online at their website. We didn't get dessert, but they have homemade ice cream sandwiches that looked amazing.
The place was packed, I sat at the bar, but the wait for 2 people at 6:30pm was about 30 minutes and then when we left at 8pm the wait was more than an hour. The place is small but cozy enough to want to go again and again, plus the meatballs were delish, the prices fair, and the people watching wasn't half bad either! Either way you look at it, it's a win-win, as far as I'm concerned. Although I'd highly suggest going on the early side of lunch/dinner time.


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