Thursday, March 18, 2010

6 Things I Dislike Very Much

(As I think about them I'll add more to the list, but right now there's 6)

You see the thing about me and my cooking is that I never cook or bake foods I won't eat myself. And I would never dare serve anyone something I wouldn't eat either. So here's the list of foods you'll never find in my kitchen or on my table...

1. Anything containing Blue cheese! I just think its point blank disgusting. The thought that it's blue because of the growing mold makes me want to lift one side of my upper lip up in disgust. (I call this move the Elvis lip, you get the picture. It occurs a lot.)

2. Fennel, Black Licorice, and Tarragon. They all have a very similar taste to each other, one I dislike! Fennel is definitely more bearable to eat when roasted but any raw salads that have it, I won't eat. Period.

3. Cloves. I hate the flavor of cloves. It reminds me of the taste of batteries or metal. I'm not sure why I did this when I was little, maybe it was to like recharge the battery or something or test if the battery was bad, who knows! But I remember licking batteries, not like everyday of anything, but for some reason I did it, more than once. The taste of cloves reminds me of this gross memory from childhood. I won't even drink chai teas because most of them have cloves in it.

4. Sardines, Swordfish, and Herring. These are types of fish I won't eat, nor will I cook or prepare them.

5. Cream Cheese Icing. I just think its gross, I know most of you out there love red velvet cakes, but why can't they just have regular icing that doesn't contain cream cheese. Cream cheese is for your morning bagels not for icing!

6. Any sort of brains, tongue, liver, pate, etc. You know what I'm talking about, those delicacies from other countries. Again, when I think about these food I raise my upper lip in disgust.

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  1. Elia- i hate all those things too! Thats so funny! My mom made me cupcakes in 4th grade to bring to school on my bday. She made them with the cream cheese icing, i was so embarrassed bc i thought they would taste disgusting, so I threw them away on my way to class. Now, I dont mind it, only on a red velvet cupcake.. but on other flavors, it just seems wrong!


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