Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today's Food

My breakfast, lunch, and dinner for today.
Good Morning to all! It's kind of a yucky morning here in NYC so I decided to share with you all how I planned for my day, in food that is. First, you need to know that I love to plan and organize what I am going to eat throughout the day, it helps that I keep a food diary. The food diary keep me in check with how much i'm supposed to be eating per day. Everyone's got a different magic number of calories and clearly i'm not sharing mine with you, but here's an's based on weight/height and your activity level.
Last week I went virtual food shopping on Fresh Direct. I got a huge shipment of stuff that will last me about 2 weeks and then some. As you probably already know or have figured out, for those who don't know me, I get extremely excited about food and cooking, so a fridge full of food is always a great start! I really gotta plan out what I'm going to cook and what ingredients I'm going to use. Here's what's in my fridge as of today: (from top shelf to bottom shelf)
From the top I'd like to point out the Diet Dr. Brown's Cream Soda, Sabra Individual Hummus packs, and the Nasoya Won Ton Wrappers.
From the Middle shelf I'd like to point out the Ricotta cheese (part skim, never fat free it's too watery!), under the ricotta is homemade white bean soup (recipe to follow below), Diet Peach Snapple, the bowl in the center with ziploc bags sticking out (that's me organizing food in baggies to bring to school for lunch everyday!), and Skim Plus (nice and creamy yet still fat free).
On the bottom shelf I'd like to point out the cut up veggies (carrots, celery, and mini seedless cucumbers) in the tupperware, avocados, broccoli and asparagus (two veggies I love to roast on 400 degrees with olive oil, salt and pepper, add even a little lemon zest)!
Homeade White Bean Soup
2 cans white beans rinsed and drained
2 onions chopped
2 tablespoons olive oil
water or chicken stock, enough to cover the onions and beans (less if you want thicker soup)
1 bouillon cube
salt and pepper to taste
1. Saute the onions in olive oil in large pot
2. When onions are softened add the beans and stir.
3. Fill pot with water or chicken stock, enough to cover the beans and onions. Let boil for 10 minutes on medium heat. If using water add bouillon cube now as well.
4. Take off from heat and blend with an immersion blender until smooth.
5. Enjoy!


  1. Elia, this is sooo cool, love your passion for food!! If there is anything I can ever do to lend a hand let me know....

  2. Nicole FirestoneMarch 03, 2010

    Elia..... i love your blog... i am officially a follower xoxoxo nic


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