Friday, March 12, 2010


I saw this recipe on Food Network on Saturday morning. I thought about what I had in my pantry and remembered I had some quinoa that I bought not too long ago. The cooking process is similar to that of rice, so I figured it's probably a good substitute. I also had some broccoli in the fridge and thought it would be a good addition. I omitted the scallions, but I suppose you can use them if you have them on hand. Into the cooking water I added about 4 tablespoons soy sauce to give the quinoa an Asiany flavor. Here's a guide to cooking quinoa, if you've never done it before.
My version came out ok, but the broccoli was overcooked because I added it in the beginning, oh well, my bad! The guide says to cook the quinoa for 15 minutes, I would put in the edamame and broccoli after the quinoa has been cooking about 12 minutes. When the timer goes off after 15 minutes remove the pan from the heat and let sit for 5 more minutes with lid on. Flake with a fork and eat up!
To be honest, I think I'll never make quinoa again. I really rather eat rice, besides the protein factor of quinoa, rice, brown or white, is just a whole lot tastier!
What do you think??


  1. I have some good quinoa recipes ill give u- i missed this post the other day, but i actually made one recipe tonight.. mines pretty good- not as delish as fried rice, but a good sub

  2. I love quinoa and find it much easier to make than rice. It's kind of outer space looking which just makes eating it fun. My second favorite is barley, and let me say that the boil in a bag stuff I scored off Tamar has become my favorite!
    With the quinoa I make it and then sautee in a variety of vegetables depending on my mood. It is super healthy and I am pretty sure it has protein in it as well (which rice, neither brown not any other, has - I think).
    Psst - love reading your blog! Keep it up cuz! It's so much fun to read!


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